Condition monitoring of large oil and chemical storage tanks using ultrasonic guided wave tomography without the need to empty and clean the tank / TANK INSPECT

Project code:  COOP-CT-2003-508486
ES programme: Framework Programe 6 (FP6)

Project flyer

The objective of the project

To develop methods based on ultrasonic guided waves and tomography to inspect a tank floor (diameter up to 100m) without the need to empty and clean the tank.

Ultrasound institute

The ultrasonic technique for non-destructive inspection of the tank floor based on the application of Lamb waves transmission tomography has been developed. The pilot investigation carried out on the real tank under in situ conditions has proved that this novel technique is suitable for condition monitoring of a storage tank floor using measurements around outer edge of the floor and it does not require emptying and cleaning of the tank. The investigation of propagation of Lamb waves in the tank floor has demonstrated close relation between properties of propagating waves and presence of the non-homogeneities or corrosion. Prediction of the transmission losses enables to estimate that measurements can be performed on up to medium sized tanks.

Experimentally investigated tank in the tank farm near Turin, Italy

  • Tank diameter 7.75m;
  • Area of the tank floor 47.15m2;
  • Volume of the tank  390m3;
  • Tank height   8.5m.

Project partners

Spree Engineering Ltd (UK), Tecnitest Ingenieros (Spain), Isotest Engineering (UK), Vopak Terminal Teesside Limited (UK), ST Service Ltd (UK), Total France (France), Kingston Computer Consultancy limited (UK), TWI (UK), Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania).

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