Development of Ultrasonic Guided Wave Inspection Technology for the Condition Monitoring of Offshore Structures / OPCOM

Project code: NMP2 CT-2005-516993
ES programme: Framework Programe 6 (FP6)

Project flyer

The objective of the project

Development of non-destructive methods for offshore structures using guided ultrasonic waves. Ultrasonic guided waves will be used for the inspection of offshore structures. The project had developed permanently mounted ultrasonic sensors and systems that will continuously monitor offshore structures for cracks and corrosion.

Ultrasound institute

Has investigated propagation of guided Lamb waves in Monopod column for offshore wind turbines.

Project partners

Coaxial Power systems Ltd (UK), Instituto de Soladura e Qualidade (Portugal), Advanced Technology group s.r.o. (Czech Republic), Kingston Computer Consultancy Ltd (UK), NDT Consultants Ltd (UK), Zenon S.A. Robotics and Information (Greece), Health and Safety Executive (UK), Statoil ASA (Norway), Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania), London South Bank University (UK), Elsam Kraft A/S (Denmark), TWI (UK).

Related information

  1. A. Maciulevičius, R. Kažys, L. Mažeika. Influence of the object edge on the efficiency of Lamb wave excitation. Ultragarsas. 2007. Vol. 62. No. 4. p. 28-31. /pdf/


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