Development of Comprehensive in-line Quality Control System for Printed Circuit Board Assemblies / MICROSCAN

Project code: COOP-CT-2003-508616
ES programme: Framework Programe 6 (FP6)

Project flyer

The objective of the project

To develop the total quality control of printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies based on various non-destructive techniques: X-ray, infrared and acoustic techniques

Ultrasound institute

Has developed an improved ultrasonic imaging technique for examination of defects in PCB assemblies and electronic chips.

Project partners

X-Tek Systems Ltd (UK), Lot Oriel GmbH & CoKG (Germany), Machine Vision Products Inc. (UK), Gentech Electronics Ltd (Ireland), Beta Electronics Ltd (Ireland), Ultrasonics Sciences Ltd (UK), Inboard Leiterplattentechnologie GmbH (Germany), Goodrich Control Systems Ltd (UK), Fraunhofer-Gesselschaft zur Foerderungder AngewandtenForschung E.V. (Germany), TWI (UK), Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania).

Related information

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