FLy Ash to valuable MinErals / FLAME

ES programme: H2020

The objective of the project 

Coal combustion fly ash is a powder-form residue of electric power plants fired by coal. Annually more than 1 Gigatons of coal combustion fly ash are generated worldwide. Around 60 % of these fly ashes are still landfilled due to insufficient technical quality. Value Ash Technologies NV and VITO have developed a novel dry closed-loop classification device to extract the 20 to 30 % of finest fraction with dimensions below 5 µm. For optimal operation of the separation process, continuous monitoring of the relative dust concentration at specific points of the separator is needed. 

Ultrasound Institute 

Developed a novel ultrasonic method and on- line meter suitable for monitoring of dust concentration variations during operation of equipment for fine powder separation. It enables a stable operation and steering of the separation process. 

Measurement principle 

The monitoring is based on the measurement of a scattering attenuation of ultrasonic waves caused by fly ash particles suspended in the separator. The measurements of this attenuation are performed in through-transmission and pulse-echo modes using air- coupled ultrasonic transducers at the frequency of 820 kHz. 

Project partners 

Coordinator VITO (Belgium), Value Ash Technologies NV (Belgium), Zavod za Gradbeništvo ZAG (Slovenia) and two universities – Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia), Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania).

2017 - 2020