Continuous Health Monitoring and Non-Destructive Assessment of Composites and Composite Repairs on Surface Transport Applications / COMPAIR

Project code: SCP7-GA-2008-218697
ES programme: Framework Programe 7 (FP7)

The objective of the project

To develop new techniques for non-destructive testing and monitoring of composite and composite repair on surface transport. The aim of ComPair is to build a new and original way for continuous health monitoring and non-destructive testing of composites and composite repairs on surface transport applications ant to establish certificated procedure guidelines on this, in order to generate a cost effective manufacturing and maintenance procedure.

Ultrasound institute

Is investigating the guided waves propagating in the composite materials and developing the inspection technique of surface transport structures. Both modeling and experimental methods are used.

Project partners

TWI (UK), VTT (Finland), NTUA (Greece), Atoutveille (France), Zenon (Greece), G-Tronix (UK), ENEA (Italy), Envirocoustics (Greece), Hexcel (UK), KCC (UK), Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania).

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