In-situ Wireless Monitoring of on and Offshore WINd TURbine Blades Using Energy Harvesting Technology / WINTUR

Project code: SME-2007-1-232190
ES programme: Framework Programe 7 (FP7)

Project flyer.

The objective of the project

To develop an advanced integrated system for real-time SHEM and impending failure detection for on and offshore wind turbine blades, enabling a fundamental realignment of inspection/maintenance strategies. These will now be based on the actual condition of the blades. Wind turbine blades are manufactured from various non-metallic materials – glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP), carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and wood, the latter being frequently combined with FRP. These non-metallic materials are notoriously difficult to inspect by non-destructive methods. A project is proposed to develop an SHEM system for continuously monitoring wind turbine blades.

Ultrasound institute

Is developing the inspection and the monitoring techniques of the wind turbine blades based on application of the ultrasonic guided waves.

Project partners

TWI (UK), Optel (Poland), Smart Material GmBH (Germany), Cedrat Technologies SA (France), Nexus Engineering OOD (Bulgaria), Solent Composites (UK), Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania), Miyama H (Greece), Cellbond (UK), Ultra Electronics BCF (UK), Southern & Scottish Energy (UK), Cereteth (Greece).

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