Advanced ultrasonic sonars for navigation of mobile robots


The objective of the project

To develop multichannel ultrasonic sonar based on the binaural approach with following features:

  • Simultaneous determination of position of multiple targets;
  • Robust operation in the sophisticated and noisy environment;
  • Reliable detection of the reflected signals in the wide dynamic range;
  • Simulation of sonar performance.

Operation principle of the developed system

The system consists of:

  • 4 ultrasonic transmitting transducers (E1-E4);
  • 5 ultrasonic receivers (R1-R5);
  • Electronic units for generation of driving coded signals;
  • Amplification of the received signals;
  • Parallel signal processors
  • Ultrasonic signals are transmitted by two single side-looking transducers (E1,E4) and two front looking electronically steered honeycomb arrays (E2,E3), each of which consists of 3 MURATA 40 kHz transducers;
  • The received signals in each receiving channel are converted into a digital form by 8 bits 250 kHz sampling frequency A/D converters;
  • The sensor developed enables to detect various objects (walls, 90o corner type reflectors, furniture) and to measure their coordinates on-line up to 5 m.

Related information

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