Endoscope Capsule using Ultrasound Technology / TROY

Project code: COOP-CT-2006-033110
ES programme: Framework Programe 6 (FP6)

Project flyer

The objective of the project

To develop an Ultrasound Capsule to be used as a first line exam for investigation of diseases in the gastrointestinal tract:

  • The Ultrasound Endoscope Capsule is swallowed by the patient;
  • The capsule travels throughout the gastrointestinal tract by natural peristalsis movements, transmitting the ultrasound data;
  • Ultrasound data is collected using a sensor array taped to the patient and connected to the hard drive;
  • After the exam, the data are downloaded to PC, which reconstructs a 3D image of the digestive tract.

Capsule’s parameters: diameter 11mm; length 26mm; weight <4g.

Ultrasound institute

Developed an ultrasonic probe (D<10mm, l<6mm) to be inserted inside the capsule. The probe is sending and receiving signals in 360 degrees, obtaining in this way the information needed for the software to generate a 2D image of gastrointestinal tract. The third dimension of the images are provided due to movement of the capsule inside the tract.

Project partners

IAITI (Portugal), SC IPA SA (Romania), Dunvegan (UK), AGT (Italy), Artica (Spain), Labor (Italy), Ultrasound institute of KTU (Lithuania), UMF ClujNapoca (Romania). The project is coordinated and managed by IAITI (Portugal).

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